Project L.O.V.E


PROJECT L.O.V.E. (Lifting Our Voices for Excellence)

Project L.O.V.E. is an non-profit organization and its mission is to strengthen family bonds between parents and their children. The extension of this mission includes grandparents, blended families, foster care families, mixed families, adopted families, along with those who potentially does not have individuals to call family but the individuals who look after them. The purpose of this organization is to establish parent/child gospel choirs/chorals in elementary, middle and high schools and to conduct other family activities, offer educational, emotional, financial and spiritual awareness, to receive and administer funds to be used for the purposes creating a wholesome and empowered life to those in need. Project L.O.V.E. exists to offer hope and create some happiness within the family and emphasize the reality of “a family that prays together will stay together”. This reality of happiness can be afforded to ALL families which is the mission for Project L.O.V.E.

Project L.O.V.E.'s goals and objectives include: generating and expanding the number of family-oriented experiences available to area residents; to foster the re-strengthening of parent/child relationships; to increase the number of participating members, schools, businesses and organizations; to assist in building a better community for our youth; to furnish accessible and affordable tools that build self-esteem and community pride; to demonstrate a positive image of the community; and to procure diverse funding resources that will enable the fulfillment of the organization's endeavor to strengthen families. To sum of each of these goals and objectives is intended to develop, nurture, and restore family unity.

Project L.O.V.E. offers the following programs for parents and their children: Parent/Child Choir Program, Project L.O.V.E. Newsletters, Parenting Workshops (Simple discipline techniques, Setting daily routines, Attention Deficit Disorder and It's treatment; Assisting children in their desire to do well in school, and self-esteem within your children), Music Workshops, Retreats and Summer L.O.V.E. Camps (which incorporate the S.T.E.M. Program); Vacation Bible School, On-site tutoring for students and parents, on-site GED classes, Tutoring for adults and youth (reading, mathematics and writing), and on-site Computer Classes, as well as a Summer Reading and Mathematics Program. This program offers teaching all ages and levels (K – 8th), build your child's confidence, teach students to enjoy learning with a SMILE, and update parents with progress or any concerns on a daily basis. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines; science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects. STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

From the donations from 2018, Project L.O.V.E. was able to feed over 200 families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The organization is presently working on additional funding to include toys and clothes for 300 families in 2019.

Annually, a Gospel Fest is held in Celebration of the Families which encourages families to have a fresh start or a new beginning from the progress which has been made all year long. Gospel Fest is considered as a praise-filled event which serves to acknowledge the accomplishments of the Parent-Child participation and as the organization's primary fundraiser. In its unique way, Gospel Fest has consistently generated a crowd of approximately 8,000 attendees from across the Southeast. At Gospel Fest, you will find family-oriented activities, puppet shows, lots of music, special contests, promotions, door prizes, sponsor booths, food and merchandise vendors, educational and health related vendors, a huge Youth Zone, game trucks, bubble machines and much more!!!

One of the fundraisers for 2019, will be a “This is Project L.O.V.E.” Sponsorship Gala which will take place on Saturday, May 18, to assist in building Project L.O.V.E. Education Center, presently located at Cherokee Place United Methodist Church, 2015 Cosgrove Avenue, North Charleston, SC (corner of Rivers and Cosgrove Avenues). Recently, it was announced that drastic changes are taking place in this community such as the South State Bank closing the the CARTA Bus Stop at the corner of Rivers and Cosgrove Avenues. The community is concerned about its future with not having the education tools needed to survived. This Gala will display the happenings of Project L.O.V.E.'s past, present and the future as it pertains to education and empowerment for the entire community. Annual sponsors, potential sponsors, contributors and supporters will be invited to witness the growth and strength of this organization.