Project L.O.V.E

The Project L.O.V.E Programs

The Project L.O.V.E. Eduction Center will provide a safe place for children and youth where they can develop positive caring relationships with adults while increasing their educational and social skills. Programs provided for adults will increase adult literacy and computer skills thereby increasing parent’s ability to assist their children educationally. The center will provide programs and services that will foster positive development and productive thinking patterns in both children and adults.

Ultimately the center will increase the probability that these families will break the cycle of poverty that dominates their lives and that children growing up in these families will succeed educationally and become productive self-sufficient adults.

Social Programs

  • Self-esteem/Self-confidence counseling sessions
  • Communication and life skills sessions
  • Life Coaching / Counseling

Youth Development

  • After School Tutoring
  • Computer literacy for youth
  • Reading and vocabulary building sessions
  • Mentoring program
  • Math and Reading Programs
  • STEM Education

Adult Eduction

  • Adult computer training
  • Adult literacy
  • Parental Empowerment
  • Budgeting
  • Career and financial aid counseling
  • GED Classes
  • Job skills training


  • Support services