Project L.O.V.E



With the growing number of family-oriented family organizatons, one might ask, "What makes Project L.O.V.E. Unique?" As one strong advocate of the program and principal of Chicora Elementary School, Dr. Butler, said, "This program goes a long way towards providing a vehicle for the social and emotional needs of our parents and their children."

With the interactive support of schools, governments, community agencies, and private citizens, all proceeds are re-invested into Project L.O.V.E. Programs. Hence, the community makes an investment in the lives of children (our future generations). Family-oriented events which promote positive attitudes or caring, sharing, commitment and love are increased. Along with strengthening families, communication skills are improved which is also advantageous to outer-family relationships and aids in decreasing conflicts., In addition, intergenerational engagements in the contexts of safe activities that connnects them with their community and the world are increased. Therein, allowing both generations to learn from one another.

Consider this analogy of a family as a tree; both are a living entity. Each requires substance such as water, food, care and sunlight in order to grow deep and strong roots. If we, as a community waits for someone else to water, feed care and educate, the family is destine to die because no roots are planted. By instilling knowledge, it is like a light which brings one out of the darkness which is associated with death.

Irregardless of our background, every individual has experienced the deterioration of family relationships and the array of social problems directly or indirectly associated with it in some form or fashion. In essence, anybody could have, somebody should have, yet, nobody did. Consequently, it is everyone's responsibility to Lift Our Voices for Excellence to teach one reach one.

God Ordained it, Our Forefathers did it; and Our children cry out for it!!